We understand that your rental isn’t just a rental to you. It’s your home. As the manager for your property, we’re here to help make your stay pleasant and enjoyable. Our services include:


For repair requests, please call our office at 240-292-1040. You can also fill out our maintenance form and either fax it to 240-292-1046 or Email Us.

In case of an emergency, In case of an emergency—such as water leaks in otherwise dry areas, or other problems that can result in severe damage to the property—please call 240-292-1040 and press extension 110. Tenants should leave a message with the answering machine if the office is not open.

To contact your utility companies, visit our utility resources, which provides a website link to all appropriate companies.

Tenant Services:

We act as your liaison for all the maintenance and assistance you need during your lease, including:

  • Move-in inspection to ensure your satisfaction with the property and create the circumstances for prompt return of your security deposit upon move-out
  • Orientation to the property to ensure a smooth transition, including:
    • Providing keys
    • Procedures for maintenance
    • Location of shut-off valves and switches
    • Instructions for operating special appliances and equipment
    • Trash and recycling policies
    • Furnace and water filter maintenance
    • Smoke detector inspection
  • Collecting monthly rent
  • Handling repair calls promptly
  • Recommending, coordinating and supervising all maintenance and repairs
  • Move-out inspections to ensure a fair assessment regarding your security deposit

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay the rent and can it be done automatically?
    Checks (cash is never accepted) can be mailed to Eagle Management LLC at 15823 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855. If you want to have your rent automatically sent from your bank to us, you can fill out the “Authorization Agreement for Automatic Rent Payment
  • How often should I change the air filter in the heating system?
    Every 3 months. Changing the air filter is very important and is required of the tenant by the lease. The benefit to the tenant is clean air in the home and also lower utility bills. When the filter is dirty, less air can flow over it, causing the HVAC system to work harder to cool the home in the summer and heat it in the winter.
  • Is the tenant responsible for any maintenance items?

    Yes, the tenant has the following responsibilities: (see Lease for complete details)

    • Furnace filter replacement
    • Batteries in smoke alarms
    • Notifying us if the smoke alarm is not working
    • Caulking of bathtubs and sinks
    • Resetting of circuit breakers
    • Replacing light bulbs
    • Cleaning of dryer lint trap and vent, and
    • Tenant is also responsible for keeping drains clear
    • Cutting, trimming, maintenance of yard
    • Remove snow and ice from walk, steps and drives
    • Gutter cleaning